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Female Empowerment is at the Heart of my Art 

Welcome! to our forward-thinking, art-loving, girl power community. Forging our unique paths takes bold, modern and unconventional imagery that inspires and encourages us to think BIG! No apologies, shame, editing or should-dos allowed. Subscribers get some great material: special deals, info on upcoming art shows, female empowerment, free stuff, first look at new art, cat life, beach life, food for thought, behind-the-scenes studio and other inspiration. 

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“I love Susan’s underlying message of female empowerment in many of her pieces. 
She is a fresh and needed voice, particularly among young women. Her art makes me happy!”
Melanie Beck, educator and mother of three girls, Tallahassee, FL

“Susan’s art is laid-back and thoughtful. It’s pretty without being loud. It’s introspective without being dark. It’s feminine without being overtly sexual.”

Russ Maines, engineer and musician, Albuquerque, NM
“Susan’s work is colorful and infused with love and positive energy. To see it in person is amazing. 
Chances are you have probably never seen anything like it.”
Pink Magazine, Hilton Head, SC
Joy, Elegance & Inspiration
Susan’s art is all about the feminine celebrated in clean, elegantly curved lines—be it female, food, or foliage. Bold and textural, her art is a unique blend of graphic design, fine art, and art meets craft.
Spray Paint & Collage on Plywood
The complexity of fabric and magazine collage, plus the warmth and texture of plywood,
adds richness and depth to each eye-catching, handcrafted piece.
The Future is Female
Now more than ever, women need to know we are valuable, powerful and deserving of every
opportunity to succeed. I want to encourage women and girls by representing them in my art.
All of them. All colors, shapes, and sizes. Examples are important.
I would fill the world with fabulous images of all things female, so that we feel
included, supported, loved and inspired to claim our power and awesomeness.